About Colleen Kenyon

Colleen Kenyon is the Creative Lead for the project, and the co-director and co-producer of the play, Over to You, that the group is writing and performing. This is an exciting challenge for Colleen. It is not the first community theatre work that she has written and brought to the stage, but it is the first time she's collaborated with others in creating the characters and story content. At the start, Colleen's idea was to develop a program that would give seniors a space to share their stories, and to feel more connected with younger generations. Now, with over 40 participants investing their time and talents, she's thrilled to see the project growing into something so much more.

Colleen Kenyon From A Young Age

Colleen's mind has always been given to flights of fancy. Throughout her youth, she dabbled in writing stories, poems, songs, and plays. In university, she took a turn towards the analytical, studying English Literature, but what has really driven her all along is a love and appreciation of language: "Words are a powerful tool, and to master them is a worthy pursuit." English first, and then Mandarin, she believes that the time she has spent honing her abilities as a communicator has been a sound investment. She started life with a severe speech impediment, but this never dampened her enthusiasm: "It was hard to understand a word I said, even when I hit school age, but somehow this did not deter me from becoming a chatterbox and a drama queen."

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