Questions and Answers with Colleen Kenyon

Question: What inspired you to start SAY IT! On Stage?

Answer: "I believe in the power of creative thinking. Everyone should have opportunities to use their minds for more than just the mundane and the practical, but not everyone knows how to find those opportunities. So, with SAY IT! On Stage, I am looking to present people with a forum in which to expand their imaginative capacities. I've worked with teenagers and I've worked with older adults, but it seemed to me that something very special could be accomplished by bringing those two age groups together in a room. And indeed, it has!" 

Question: "What are some of the goals you have for SAY IT! On Stage?

Answer: "SAY IT! On Stage is about the process, not the final product. It's about letting people share their own ideas, build on those of others, and stand back in amazement when they see what all of those ideas come to be. I want the participants to look forward to meeting each week, and to accomplishing the steps in the project together; I want what we do in our weekly sessions to leave individuals with a sense of purpose and intellectual fulfillment; I want everyone in the room to appreciate that people might be vastly different in age and disposition, but still find pleasure in one another's company. Most of all, I want SAY IT! On Stage to make every single contributor feel valued for who they are, and for what they have to offer."

Question: What type of outcome would you like to receive from SAY IT! On Stage?

​Answer: "An outcome I really hope to see is a broad recognition of the power of drama to stimulate and heal minds. Music has gained a lot of recognition for its potential as a form of therapy. I have a strong conviction that storytelling and theatre can also promote mental wellbeing. My dream is that, a few years down the road, SAY IT! On Stage will have expanded to other communities. When I watch what happens each week at our SAY IT! meetings, I feel 100% certain that we're doing something really special here in Pelham, and I hope that people who hear about the project, or who come to see the show, will be curious enough to want to experience it for themselves."

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